New Generation Menu! Discover the digital QR Menu!


Instant and Easy Update

Price, product information, content... in short, whatever you want to update, save it instantly and your menu will be updated.


Always Fast and Safe

24/7 We are always with you for free with smooth and fast running, daily backup and continuous update support!


Completely Customized Design

You can leave the design to us or share your own ideas. Your QR Menu is designed professionally, completely customized for your brand.


Unlimited Language Support Infrastructure

Either translate automatically or type it yourself. Your QR menu supports as many languages as you wish according to your customer profile.

Perfect for all businesses that offer menus to their customers, especially cafes & restaurants! QR Menüm gives you everything you need to entertain your guests in the best way possible, increase your sales and grow your business.'ı ziyaret edin
  • Special Design for Your Brand

    QR Menu is not a standard product. It is designed specifically for your corporate identity and brand. The specific features you need can be added to the system thanks to its flexible structure.

  • You don't have to bother with any details!

    You just focus on your business. When you purchase the QR menu, your brand and your requests, if any, are analyzed and your QR menu is designed by us specifically for you. Your products are added to the system by us. Afterwards, you can easily make only the instant updates you need with the management panel that belongs to you.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Thanks to the Satisfaction Survey of your QR menu, you can find out what your customers think about your business and how satisfied they are with which services, and they can also indicate their suggestions and complaints in the description section. You can also take these suggestions and complaints into consideration and correct your deficiencies. In this way, you can provide a better and higher quality service in your business.

  • Foreign Language Support

    You can add as many languages as you wish to your menu. You can give your foreign customers an excellent experience with automatic translation or with your own translated texts.

  • Eliminates Printing Costs

    Eliminates the printing costs and update needs of classic menus. Saves both time and money.

  • More Details, Less Problems!

    You can give much more details about your products in the Digital QR Menu. In this way, you can answer possible questions your customers may have in advance and make the ordering process flawless.

  • Allergen Warning for Discerning Customers

    In your menu, you can specify products such as gluten, milk, onion and critical details of nutritional values. You can prevent negative situations that may occur and increase your satisfaction by allowing customers to make their choices easily.

  • New, Favorite and Discounted Products

    With the Digital QR Menu, you can highlight the products you want. By defining tags such as "most popular, chef's recommendation, product of the day, discount of the day" to your products, you can direct your customers to these products and increase your sales.

  • Less Contact, More Hygiene

    Your customers can use the Digital QR Menu from their individual smartphones in a contactless and hygienic way. Thus, you can minimize the risk of diseases that can be transmitted from classic printed paper menus.

  • Always Up-to-Date

    Digital QR menu offers fast and uninterrupted access with its cloud server infrastructure. In addition, thanks to its technological structure, system updates are integrated into your menu system, ensuring that you always have an up-to-date system.

  • Easy Administration Panel

    Easily update your digital QR Menu from anywhere at any time. Thanks to the simple, clear and comprehensive management panel, you can instantly update prices/information, add as many products as you want, and edit all the information on your QR Menu.

QR Menum

New Generation Menu! Discover the digital QR Menu!

Perfect for all businesses that offer menus to their customers, especially cafes & restaurants! QR Menüm gives you everything you need to entertain your guests in the best way possible, increase your sales and grow your business.

Demoyu İnceleyin is the most effective and economical solution for all businesses, especially cafes and restaurants, showing menus to customers and taking orders.

Of course! If your business has special needs or you have specific ideas, share them with us and we will integrate them into your Mobile menu.

Of course! QR Menu design is designed specifically for you according to the corporate identity of your business. Moreover, we plan and realize the whole process. You only need to focus on your business.

You are quite right. Design is our specialty. We offer you a QR menu with everything ready to use. You just update the price/information updates or the products you want to feature/remove.

Your QR Menu works seamlessly on all Android and IOS phones and tablets. No application installation is required.

In addition, if you have a tablet / phone that you use permanently in your business, you can install it on your devices as a mobile application and run your menu in full screen with one click.

Of course. Your QR menu offers you detailed customer analytics. You can see statistical information such as how many people visit your menu during the day, how many times which products are viewed in general.

With a satisfaction survey, you can get your customers' opinions about your business and get ideas on how to make improvements. You can determine the questions you want to present to your customers. You can analyze the satisfaction surveys sent by customers by mail and from your management panel.

Thanks to your easy and intuitive administration panel, you can instantly update all the information on your menu with a single click. Quick price updates, temporarily remove products from the menu, add descriptions and photos..... You can easily make all the updates and changes you may need from anywhere.

If there are products containing allergenic substances in your menu, you can specify them in the product detail if you wish. The care you show to your menu plays an important role in reflecting your business quality.

The QR Menu code on your tables is designed and delivered to you with your logo in the QR code as a premium. In addition, according to your request, a special design with your table number, logo and QR Menu code is prepared and delivered to you.

*QR Menu Code design is delivered digitally. Printing is not included.