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Perfect e-commerce projects for selling and marketing your products.

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  • Your International Store is Ready!

    With your e-commerce site, you can offer your products for sale 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You can track your orders and sales with the easy management system.

  • Professional Entry to the E-Commerce World!

    Many functions such as Campaign Module Variations are some of the features that e-commerce sites must have and that we offer as standard in all our projects.

E-Commerce Projects
  • Interface Analysis Based on Design and Fiction

    We take the details from the design and the fiction we use to produce the design, choose the technologies we will use in the process of transforming it into user interaction and start the web design and development process with a short research.

  • Design, Test and Experience Development Process

    After planning all the details of your design and presenting it to you, we test your project in many screen resolutions with mobile priority and develop it according to multi-screen compatibility.

    We make comments by trying your project like a real user, and with these comments, we identify and reorganize the sections that we can do better. When the interface development process is finished, we send your project to our software unit for backend development.

  • Integration Analysis

    We make the necessary examinations for the integration of your project with our content management system, which we have been developing for years with our web design approach, and we prepare your management panel by completing the modular structure adjustments.

    We complete the integration by taking security, performance and optimization into consideration. As a result of this process, your project becomes manageable with a management panel and can be used by your users.

  • Content Inputs and Small Touches

    While you continue with pre-publication content entries, we test your site, take notes and make small touches for some of the problems we encounter. When the content is completed and our corrections are completed, we publish it.

  • Providing Support

    We continue to improve your project with additional developments for your requests or subsequent needs. Since your project will continue the broadcast process like a live, we continue modernization, testing and controls.

  • Projects that work correctly on all smart devices (Mobile Compatibility)

    Today, people access websites using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Therefore, developing mobile-friendly projects for our clients is an important factor for their brands to reach their target audience. Our projects work correctly on all mobile devices, ensuring that our clients' websites offer a user-friendly experience on smart devices.

  • Marketplace Integrations

    With your e-commerce site, you can send all your products with or without variants to marketplaces with a single click, update, stock tracking, manage your orders and product questions from a single panel.

    Integrate to marketplaces directly through the management panel of your own site without the need for any extra panel between your e-commerce site and the marketplace.

    We have thought of all the details for you. You only focus on your business.

  • User Experience Oriented Product Categorization

    User experience-oriented product categorization helps our customers stay on e-commerce sites longer and discover more products. This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction and helps you make more sales.

  • Detailed Product Information and Images

    The difficulties and wasted time users face when searching for products can cause them to leave the site and not shop. For this reason, in our e-commerce projects, we customize our product categories according to the needs of our users. Descriptions, pictures and prices of the products are also prepared in accordance with the needs and expectations of your customers.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    It helps you increase your sales with flexible and multiple payment options for your e-commerce site. All the infrastructure and technology required for sales with your own bank's virtual POS or advantageous payment platforms are included as standard in our projects.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Compatible Infrastructure

    Our e-commerce projects are designed to ensure effective communication with advanced seo and search engines. Your products are one step ahead on Google and all search engines.