Trademark Registration

Protect your name, logo and idea by registering your trademark!

Take the First Step to Take Your Brand into the Future!

Today, in applications such as TSE and production permits, as well as in many tenders, companies are required to have a registered trademark as a prerequisite. A trademark registration certificate is an important step for companies to promote their activities and express themselves on the internet, as well as to ensure that the brand they have established cannot be imitated.

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    "Trademark registration" is indispensable for the legal protection of your brand, which is the most valuable capital of your company.

  • In today's competitive environment, brands that can create their own brands and are preferred gain significant advantages over their competitors and sustain their profitability.

Trademark Registration
  • Eligibility for Registration

    Before the trademark registration, we determine the classes of the sectors in which the trademark owner will operate and we conduct a Suitability for Registration Survey among 100 thousands of trademarks in the database of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. In this research, we meticulously examine many factors such as words, shapes, colors, letters, letters, numbers that may create similarities and present the trademark owner with our Suitability for Registration Research Report. In the light of this report, we initiate our trademark registration process in accordance with the TPI application conditions.

  • Application

    After the trademark's suitability for registration, a trademark registration application is made to the TPI on behalf of our clients together with the application documents.

  • Figure Review

    It is a 2-month period in which the missing transactions related to the trademark registration application are examined whether there are any obstacles to the application.

  • Legal Review

    It is the process of examining the trademark application in terms of merits, law and similarity and lasts for 3 months.

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    After the trademark examination phase, the trademark is determined to be eligible for registration but is kept pending for 3 months for objections.

  • Registration

    Once a trademark is registered, it is certified and protected by the trademark registration certificate for 10 years.